I Can’t Help But… (Video) - @Lexin8or

You start over, you’ve moved on, somehow it’s there, lingering, creating chaos in everything beautiful.”

The eerie video, “I can’t help but…” is from 23 year old Atlanta artist Alexis Glenn’s new acclaimed EP: Irrational Illustrations at Heart. It was directed by Sean Kelly. The video is a sequel to “Be Wary” and features a solid white atmosphere; saves for a green character that lurks around Alexis. In an interview with IMF Magazine, Alexis mentions that the character represents not only envy, but rage and resentment. “It is about the past haunting and tainting the future. If you can’t let go of the things that happened, it tarnishes you; it consumes you. If you don’t let it go, you won’t have a future,” she states to an interviewer.

The title resonates with her statement. She “can’t help but remember.” It is clear the past has hurt her. The clear-cut cinematic visuals and dramatizations add to the overall theme. In the end, the green figure simply blows out a candle. The end is unclear and there is no resolution. I interpret this to mean Alexis feels that her future is unclear and she is working on letting her demons go.

As far as the quality of Alexis Glenn’s vocals, I feel as though they are exceptional. Singing practically acapella, she has an intense vocal range and puts raw emotion behind every word that she sings. A very incredible performance from another Atlanta artist. I hope to see more of Alexis in the future.

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Splinter (Video) - @Joe_Box

Joe & Box is a Hip Hop duo out of New Jersey/New York City. “Splinter" carries an interesting flavor of Hip Hop that leaves an indescribable aftertaste subjective to the viewer.

Splinter" stems off their debut album Never Grow Up (dropping 4.22.14). “Splinter" is their second single; it features Charlie X, is produced by Yung Crock with a visual under the direction of Brian StoneEnjoy.

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Event Coordination 101 (Editorial) - @PageWalker

So.. you’re planning an event! It could be a wedding, board meeting, a party of any sort, business dinner, seminar, product launcher, charity function, or even a VIP event. You’re so excited.. but there are so many things to consider and many details to nail down before you can officially call it an event and actually get people to come out. I am experienced with planning many different types of events, but mainly through an organization I manage at UGA for grieving college students (which is a difficult thing to market!)

#1: Location
Without a location, or a proper one, it’s impossible to carry on an event (unless you want to have a business meeting on the sidewalk!). Where you host the event can have a huge impact on whether or not guests show up. If you’re hosting it at a Starbucks, keep in mind that it’s not a private place, and that might be more appropriate for only a few guests. However, if you’re renting out a room at your college to have a kickoff event, for example, you’re going to have to strategically plan the location out so that the most people (or your targeted amount of people) will show up to your event.

#2: Purpose of your event/Target Audience

Why are you holding this event? You want to clearly identify an objective. Without an objective, your event could be an expensive venture without the power to attract attendees.

If you’re planning a birthday party, focus on the guest of honor and do whatever it takes to make that person excited! If you’re planning a wedding event, make sure you honor the client as much as possible and give them what they want! COB has been excellent in honoring our clients needs as much as possible and giving them exactly what they want during their special day!

Another thing to consider is to know your target audience. You’ll want to carefully consider who is invited to your event. Defining the audience for the type of event is always a good way to get a good turnout.

#3: Getting the word out (Marketing)
Getting the word out about an event can be the hardest part of an event! The truth is, many people nowadays prefer to receive communications via. the internet, social media, and word of mouth. If you hear something positive about a particular company, you are more inclined to go with them over another company and vice versa. In my experience, Online marketing campaigns and word of mouth have been the most effective marketing strategy. Sometimes though, according to the type of event, you kind of have to play it by ear. If you’re planning a huge event open to the public,  you might want to try traditional techniques as well. You can try to get your event published in a newspaper, put it in calendar announcements, put up posters, or even put it in the daily news!

#4: Overall Logistics
Money, money, money! Makes the world go ‘round right? Without proper management of money, your event could turn out to be a disaster. Based on the type of event, you will want to have food, speakers, games, and even giveaways. 

What type of budget will you want to have? Set a max amount of money that you want to spend and stick to it. Here are some examples of expenses that you may encounter: printing, audio/visual equipment, permits/licenses, photography, entertainment, signage (banners, etc) registration fees, parking, etc!

#5: Time
The last point, but possibly the most important: is time. How long will your event run? Although pretty self-explanatory, you will want to figure out how long certain things will take place. Time is money. 

Creations of Boredom Entertainment Group (C.O.B) has done an incredible job at managing events in the Atlanta community and has worked in all facets of event management. We have also planned numerous events for clients such as cookouts, concerts, fashion shows, and parties, while managing to cover them through their impressive videography and photography. Most recently, we partnered on an event called:  “I AM: Girl Rising Hosted” where we did event design and consulted for the event. 

Beating Heart (Video) - @EllieGoulding

Ellie Goulding’s “Beating Heart” is the soundtrack to a new sci-fi film: Divergent, which opened in theaters on March 21st. The film stars The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s Shailene Woodley and Downton Abbey’s Theo James. It’s about two lovers in a futuristic dystopian Chicago, where society is divided into five factions that represent different virtues. I’ve seen numerous advertisements for the film, but I had no idea that Ellie Goulding has, as she did in The Hunger Games, given a piece of her artistic talent to the film.

The song was premiered on BBC Radio 1’s show at night time on Monday, February 24th. The video premiered on March 28th.

“Beating Heart” features a relaxing synth-pop production with a powerful chorus.  It’s emphatic crashing drums lend the track with a dramatic quality. The theme of disorientation is apparent within the first twenty seconds, when Ellie drinks an unnamed purplish liquid unhappily. Scenes from the film intercut the video of Ellie tatted up in a slinky black dress in the woods. Closeups of Ellie’s gorgeous face looking disoriented and almost fearful further the video’s overall feel. “I wanna feel your beating heart one last time” Ellie belts out in the chorus. It’s apparent the two lovers feel a “do-or-die” mentality in their relationship. This might be the last time they will be able to see each other. I haven’t seen the film yet, but it’s pretty apparent this plays during a farewell scene.

In the last 20 seconds, Ellie is face to face with Theo James in the woods against a tree looking incredulously at him, dramatically ending the video. At four million views, it appears that this is a yet again a hit for Ellie Goulding, however not as big of a hit as Lights, at a massive 70 million views and counting.

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Declaration of Independence (Album) - @FarOutFamily

Far Out family consists of Atlanta-based emcees Glenn Saddler and Bias the Black. “NEWATLISH” was their first single off new album, Declaration of Independence. And what a declaration of independence it is indeed, as these two cool ATL dudes sure know how to lay some sick beats, proclaiming their independence from societal trends and transcending social norms.

Upon visiting the website of Far Out Family, the first thing I noticed was the appealing galaxy-esque graphics combined with fireworks representing their Declaration of Independence album. I feel that this graphic was a good representation of their musical style. This branding alone would prompt someone to listen to their album.

The introduction to “Declaration of Independence” by Far Out Family is a menagerie of a saxophone-playing in the background and a disembodied male voice: “Life.. is just one f****** beauty contest after the other. School, College, Work F*** that. Do what you love and f*** the rest” he says. This intro is both striking and shocking. From the beginning, it is apparent that this rap duo is transcending societal’s norms through their music. Even the title left me intrigued and wanting to listen more.

The dreamy tracks, almost planetary, with a beatbox undertone, provided me with a unique listening experience, unlike anything I have heard before. The angst represented in the lyrics is relatable to the listener. Almost everyone knows how it is like to deal with unrequited love, as in Your Love or how it is like to “play the game” to earn money, as in the song simply entitled, “$”

I especially like the split of the album into what seems to be two acts, with an “Intro”, “Interlude”, and “Outro”. I think my favorite song off the album is: “Too Far”, because I believe it is the catchiest song off the album and represents the mission of the rap duo.

This album represents a declaration of independence from trends and gives a voice to the voiceless population. A must-listen if you’re into the Atlanta rap scene.

See the video for: “NEWATLISH” below, as well as their album cover & band promotional photo.

You can listen to Declaration of Independence on http://fartherout.com.

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Written by Page Walker

Dreams Do Come True (Inspiring Fundraiser & Concert) - @Prohaize

Dreams Do Come True Campaign (#‎DDCTC‬) strives to raise over $10,000 to enable Prohaize to share his trial turned to triumph story as an empowerment to all. This is the birth of an international movement that will encourage people around the world to confidently chase and accomplish their dreams. DDCTC begins on Sunday, March 9, 2014 and will continue through Monday, April 14, 2014. To contribute to this world-changing campaign, please visit:

As a part of DDCTC, Prohaize has set out across Georgia on a statewide tour. The passion he exemplifies and the triumphant testimony he embodies instantly infects hearts of his audiences so much that supporters have been moved to instantly donate to the Dreams Do Come True campaign. The climax of the tour will be a concert held at Georgia State University on Monday, March 24, 2014, where Prohaize will be headlining his first concert.

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